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YellowSub PCR Additive

Yellow SubTM is suitable for many enzymatic reactions. It increases the yield and specificity of your PCR® - and saves time. Just add the specially formulated 10 x Yellow SubTM to your PCR®-mix. Yellow SubTM also contains a loading buffer and dye, so after the reaction you can apply the PCR®-mix directly on your agarose gel without adding any further solution. The yellow dye migrates at about 40 bp leaving even short bands easily visible. Yellow SubTM has been successfully tested in PCR® applications using different Taq Polymerases and also other thermostable polymerases like Pfu, Tth and Pfx. Furthermore, Yellow Sub is even compatible with many restriction enzymes and is specially suited for restriction digest screening procedures. Yellow SubTM is successfully used in many laboratories and quoted in several recent studies.

Product Features of Yellow SubTM

  • Increased yield in PCR® applications
  • Enhanced specificity in PCR® applications
  • Contains the loading buffer and dye - the reaction mix is applied directly to the agarose gel
  • Yellow dye migrates at 40 bp - even short PCR®-bands are easily visible
  • Compatible with all tested thermostable polymerases
  • Compatible with DNA-purification protocols (glass milk or Qiagen spin columns). PCR® fragments can be used in all regular applications like cloning or restriction digests


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