Thermo Scientific Thermo Multidrop™ Combi nL Reagenzien-Dispenser

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Thermo Multidrop™ Combi nL Reagenzien-Dispenser

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The Multidrop Combi nL dispenser provides consistent high-throughput dispensing into 1536, 384 and 96-well plates, covering a volume range of 50 nl to 50 μl


  • Reliable low-volume dispensing – precise dispensing over a 50 nl to 50 μl range, giving high-quality assay data
  • Increased exibility – dispensing repeatably into plates with a variable height, allowing the user to ll either rows, columns or wells with the easy-to-use FILLitTM PC software
  • Effortless dispensing – the visual, icon-based on-board user interface makes all functions easy to set up, use and maintain
  • Reduced reagent cost – low-volume dispensing, a minimal dead volume, and the back ush function minimize the use of expensive reagents
  • High throughput – the fast dispensing, combined with full robotic compatibility, ensures increased assay throughput for laboratories needing low-volume assay formats

Technical Data

Plate types

96-, 384- and 1536-well plates

Dispensing volume

50 nl - 50 µl

Dispensing precision

  • 50 nl: CV≤10% 

  • 0.5 μl:CV≤5% 

  • 1-10 μl:CV≤4% 

  • >10 μl: CV≤2%

Dispensing precision

  • 50 nl: CV≤10% 
  • 0.5 μl:CV≤5% 
  • 1-10 μl:CV≤4% >10 μl: CV≤2%

Dispensing accuracy

<1 μl: ±5% >1 μl: ±2%

Dispensing accuracy

<1 μl: ±5% >1 μl: ±2%

Dispensing speed

384-well plate: 50 nl in 6 seconds 1 μl in 8 seconds

1536-well plate: 50 nl in 21 seconds 1 μl in 27 seconds

Dead volume

<1.2 ml (reagent recovery feature included

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