Thermo Dionex Ultimate WPS-3000TPL RS Autosampler

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Thermo Dionex Ultimate WPS-3000TPL RS Autosampler

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The Thermo Scientific Dionex WPS-3000TPL RS autosampler uses a 2.4 μL needle
to allow injection of the smallest sample volumes with high precision and with no sample loss. The injection valve supports injections at ultrahigh pressures, bothdirectly onto the column or onto a sample trapping column. The optional sample fractionation provides the highest application flexibility in multidimensional workflows. The sample compartment is entirely closed to ensure sample stability.

Included sample racks: 3 x racks for 40 standard vials 1,8ml


Autosampler Features

  • Microliter pick-up injections for zero sample loss
  • Automated wash routines to prevent sample carryover
  • Injection valve pressure rating of 900 bar
  • User-defined programs for unlimited sample handling capabilities
  • Sample thermostating from
    4 ̊C to 45 ̊C, at least 22 ̊C below ambient, to help prevent sample degradation
  • Dual-needle injection design, supporting injection from sealed sample carriers
  • Large injection volume range, from 10 nL up to 125 μL (depending on configuration)
  • Microfractionation option for highest application flexibility
  • Three well plate sample capacity
  • Flexible multiple-tray carrier supporting all common sample carriers

Key Specifications (general manufacturer's information)

  • Injection Volume Range: 10 nL–125 μL (with installed options. This instruments comes in the 
  • Sample Formats: 96 (deep) well plate, 384 (deep) well plate, 24 deep well plate, sealed or open; 40 standard autosampler vials, 1.8 mL, sealed or open
  • Sample Capacity: 3× well plate (128 × 86 mm)15× 10 mL vials for reagents, diluents, and transport liquids
  • Injection Cycle Time: 30 s for a 1 μL full loop injection
  • Injection Methods:Full loop, partial loop, low-dispersion injection Microliter pick-up, user-defined injection programs
  • Injection Technique: Needle-in-needle with programmable needle wash
  • Injection Vlave Precision:<0.4% RSD for 1 μL full loop injection
  • Injection Linearity: Corr. coeff. > 0.9995 from 100–500 nL injections
  • Carryover: <0.02% with needle wash (caffeine)
  • Optional Sample Cooling: 4 ̊C–45 ̊C, at least 22 ̊C below ambient
  • Wetted Parts: PEEK, Stainless steel, PCTFE, fused silica
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 36×42×51cm(16×16.5×20in.)
  • Weight: 22.7 kg (50 lb) including cooling
  • Power Requirements: 85–260 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 320 W
  • PC Connection: USB; USB hub with three integrated sockets
  • I/O Interfaces: Four digital inputs and four programmable outputs

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