BioTek Synergy 2 Multimode Platereader

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Biotek Synergy 2 Multimode Platereader

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The BioTek Synergy 2 is an easy-to-operate multimode microplate reader built for drug discovery (R&D) and the biotech life science research arena. This modular system is currently configured with  Absorbance, Luminescence, and Fluorescence capabilities. Luminescence is measured with a low noise PMT, through an empty filter position in the Emission filter wheel. Filters can also be used if light filtering is necessary.

Synergy 2 has monochromator-based UV Vis Absorbance, top and bottom fluorescence intensity, and a Time-Resolved Fluor Module as well. In addition, this Biotek microplate reader has 4 zone temperature control, with a range of between 4-50°C, as well as three speeds of shaking. The Synergy 2 Luminescence Plate reader will accommodate standard 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384–well microplates as well as the BioTek Take3 Multi-Volume Plate. This model is compatible with the Dual Reagent Dispenser Module, however, that is sold separately.

The Synergy 2 Plate Reader is controlled by a computer using BioTek’s Gen 5 Software which is compatible with AlphaScreen assays and certified for HTRF, DLR, and LantaScreen. This Biotek microplate reader is robot accessible and compatible with BioTek’s BioStack Microplate Stacker. Gen5 supports OLE automation to facilitate Synergy 2’s integration into an automated system.


This particular model (SLFTAD) measures:

  • Monochromatic based Absorbance (200-999nm, flash lamp as light source).
  • Filter based Fluorescence (halogen Tungsten lamp as light source).
  • TRF (Time Resolved Fluorescence, separate flash lamp as light source).
  • Filter based Luminescence.
  • Prepared for dispenser system and BioStack integration (not included).

Comes with the following filters and mirrors:

EM: 460/40, 528/20, 590/35, PLUG

EX: 360/40, 485/20, 530/25, HOLE

Mirrors: 50%, 400nm, 510nm

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