Princeton Instruments Princeton Instruments PI-MAX 4: 1024 x 256 ICCD Camera

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Princeton Instruments PI-MAX 4: 1024 x 256 ICCD Camera

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The PI-MAX4: 1024 x 256 from Princeton Instruments is the next generation, fully-integrated scientific intensified CCD camera (ICCD) system featuring a 1024 x 253 pixel spectroscopy CCD fiber-coupled to a variety of Gen II and Gen III filmless intensifiers. The intensifiers provide the highest possible sensitivity from UV to NIR and offer resolution that is ideally matched to the CCD. Picosecond gating capability of < 500 ps and an integrated programmable timing generator (SuperSynchro) built into the camera make these ICCD cameras ideal for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy applications. The PI-MAX4:
1024 x 256 ICCD camera offers high frame rate at 2 MHz/16-bit digitization, 1 MHz sustained gating repetition rate and exceptional sensitivity.


  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
  • Time Resolved Imaging & Spectroscopy
  • Combustion Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF)




1024 x 256 imaging array

High resolution imaging and spectroscopy

2 MHz / 16-bit digitization

Video frame rates and higher to efficient synchronize with high repetition laser

Thermoelectric cooling

Reduces CCD dark current to negligible levels

Fiber optic coupling

Highest optical throughput, no vignetting

Picosecond gating

< 500 ps gating delivery high temporal resolution for effective background discrimination

Super HV - Builit-in hight voltage pulser

Rugged design without a bulk external controller, for high repetition rate gating and minimal insertion delay

SuperSynchro - Built-in programmable timing generator

Built-in, fully software controlled gate timing; controls gate widths and delays in linear or exponential increments.

SyncMaster I and II

Provides continuous TTL signals to control external instruments such as a laser; Eliminates need for external timing generater in most experiments

MCP gating


Provides < 8 ns gate width for slow gat intensifiers while preserving high QE

Bracket pulsing


Preserves high ON/OFF ration of the Gen II intensifier in the UV - No sync pulse required

GigE interface

Industry standard for fast data transfer of over long distances, up to 50 M

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